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Are we RECording?

png;base64acb6472e27927644“Are we RECording?” is what is commonly considered the HitRecord motto, but what is HitRecord and why is it worth your time?  It’s a brand new show based on the HitRecord Internet site that brings art from every type of artist, from writers to film makers, or sketch artists to animators-all bringing together their art and creating a collaboration of it. This allows art to become even more than what it is today. What’s even better is that it’s on the World Wide Web, allowing people worldwide to submit their art into something absolutely amazing. Say someone sketches something and submits it. If an animator who uses thinks it’s a awesome drawing, he would put it into a animation, possibly with even more sketches from different artists. This is the same for actors and musicians as well. Now think of a show that brings all of these artists onto one theme, all of them submitting their work in hopes of it being awesome enough to be on a real TV show. That is what HitRecord on TV is.

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