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Should Finals Be Mandatory?

I believe that finals should be optional. Image you are a straight-A student who hasn’t gotten lower than a 90 on any major grade yet this semester. You do your assignments right when they are given, and understand all of the concepts that you are taught. You just completed an extra credit assignment that will bring your 98.9% to a 100%. You hear about the packet final that is going to be sitting on your desk during finals week and you instantly get nervous. You fear that your hard earned “A” being lowered to a “B” or even worse, a “C”. You know there is a lot riding on this test, and you are willing to study, but you just find it unfair to risk all of your semester’s hard work on one test.

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Centennial High School Girls Volleyball Wraps Up Season

Champaign Centennial girls’ varsity volleyball team is wrapping up a fascinating season. The lady Chargers used this season as a rebuilding year. The Charger lost 5 seniors from last season. Luckily, the team picked up Leah Luchinski , a star freshman setter. With a large incoming senior class of 9 girls, the Chargers have many capable leaders on the team.

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2017 Girls Golf Team

With fall comes girls golf here at Centennial. The girls golf team has the largest number of players within the past few years. Although this 2017 team has no seniors, the CHS golfers are wise beyond their years. The team is led by juniors Claire Sherrick, Jordan DeLuce, Mariah Winterbottom, Addison Archer, and Kate Doyle. The youthful team has had to step up this year to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

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