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Coach Mac Retirement

Centennial football head coach Mike McDonell has decided to end his career as a football coach. Not only has he had a successful career for Centennial, but he has coached in places such as the top of the line, the NFL, for the Atlanta Falcons.

I was able to interview Kyle Jackson, a Centennial coach and alumni of the Chargers himself. Kyle happens to have played under Coach Mac and years later he is back in Champaign coaching along side him.

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Football Week 3 Recap: Centennial @ Danville

On Friday, September 13th, the Charger football team played at Danville High School. The final score was 19-35 Danville. A highlight of the game was when Dominique Stampley caught two big touchdown passes. One of them was for 12 yards, and the other was for 62 yards.

The Centinal interviewed David Bramlett from the football team to get the inside scoop on Centennial Football.

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