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Battle of the Sexes: Two Fantastic Leads Almost Make Up For The Fact That I Didn’t Get The Film I Signed Up For.

I had been looking forward to Battle of the Sexes ever since I saw the first trailer. A biopic centered around one the most viewed tennis matches in history doesn’t sound incredibly exciting at first, especially if you’re not a huge sports fan. However, when the match was between the current female champion Billie Jean King and former male tennis star Bobby Riggs, a lot of layers are added to the story. Not to mention the fact that recent Oscar winner, Emma Stone, and experienced comedic and dramatic actor Steve Carell were taking up the lead roles. By all accounts this film should have been nearly perfect, and while I definitely enjoyed myself, the pacing was off, the finale didn’t have the impact it needed, and ultimately it wasn’t the film that the trailers promised.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle An Incredibly Fun, Action Packed, Over the Top Sequel That Feels a Little Crowded.

The first Kingsman film taglined, The Secret Service, was released in 2014 with director Matthew Vaughn, known for 2010’s Kick-Ass and 2011’s X-Men: First Class, truly came out of nowhere. Despite being based on a beloved Graphic Novel, you would be hard pressed to find someone would knew of its existence before the film’s release. However, this lack of brand recognition actually helped Kingsman more than hurt it. With expectations relatively low, many audience members were not expecting one of the best spy-comedies in decades.

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Expressions Choir

Choir this year is directed by Marian Wyatt, who’s been directing for a little over 30 years. She has many goals for this years’ Expressions Choir Class. Expressions choir this year will be doing a lot of fun and exciting things this year. Also including Illini Fridays.

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Netflix Recommendations- The Originals and Hemlock Grove

If you’re looking for a show that you could sit down on a Friday night and watch till the waking hours of Monday. Then you should check out these addictive shows revolving around the supernatural and the seemingly impossible.

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An Evening With Justin Bieber: Allstate Arena 11/18

Wednesday, November 18th Justin Bieber came to Rosemont, Illinois to perform and celebrate his new album, Purpose. Centinal reporters attended the concert and waited before the show starting at 4:30 pm to see him perform at 6:00 pm. He came out answering questions from his twitter and fans first.

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Top Films of 2015

This year, there have been many movies that have done great in the box office. Here are some reviews of the top movies in 2015.

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Video Game Review – Destiny: The Taken King

September 15 kicked off the long awaited expansion to the Destiny series, the receiver of 180 awards and nominations in 2014, and 2015 winner of BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Games Award for Persistent Game, Game Design, and Multiplayer.

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Leading Ladies Leaves the Crowd Laughing

Photos by Karisma Saymiknha

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Centennial Playmakers Present: Bye Bye Birdy

“I get to have so much fun on stage it’s ridiculous,” says senior Tristan Antonson in reference to the Centennial production of Bye Bye Birdie. Antonson plays the title role of Conrad Birdie himself, a celebrity heart-throb, devastating his fans with his announcement of his 2 year departure into the army. Read more »


Grey’s Anatomys’ Best Episodes

With eleven running seasons, 236 episodes, and a fan base of about 20 million people per show, Grey’s Anatomy remains the most popular hospital drama since 2005. Although it was extremely difficult to pick, here is some of the 10 most noteworthy episodes starting with Season 1. -WARNING, SPOILER ALERTS- Read more »