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Fall Play: She Kills Monsters

The She Kills Monsters auditions are finally completed and the cast and crew list has been shared! Our drama director, Ms.Green, the cast, crew, and more are rearing to start! With loads of stage combat and a fun new look at DnD we jump into the world of Tillius the Paladin. Agnes, her sister wants to know why her sister Tilly died. So she must travel into her sister’s world to find out why. With the help of the dungeon master Chuck, Agnes will join her sister’s party and defeat monsters along the way.

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Speaking of Regionals

The Centennial Speech Team is finally wrapping up their season, just having gone to regionals at U-High on February 3rd. There are only six members of this team, but each student was ready to work hard, most having performed in not one but two events. An event is the type of speech you perform, and there are fourteen different kinds. These events range from humorous or dramatic acting to informative or persuasive speeches.

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Oscars 2018: Predictions, Snubs, and Surprises

The biggest award show in Hollywood has finally released their nominations and like every year, there are some major oversights, along with some pleasant surprises that many could not have seen coming. Before diving into the major categories, I want to shed some light on great films that I didn’t expect to pick up smaller nominations.

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Hats Allowed at Centennial

Congratulations Centennial Students, we can finally wear hats in school. During last semester Mr. Riegler decided to talk to the teachers about what they think about allowing hats in school. He also talked to some students to see how they would feel about hats being allowed. Most of the teachers and students decided that they wouldn’t mind hats in classes. Mr. Riegler decided the new semester would be a great time to start this new rule. No hoods allowed but now your ears can be nice and toasty in class and you can hide your bad hair day with a nice hat. 

Why School Should Have Later Start Times

Many students in Centennial High School would agree that coming to school can be difficult at times because of how hard it is to wake up in the morning. In response to the bad reputation that students get for being tired in class, I believe that we should have later start times. This would be beneficial in many ways. Students would be more awake during class, have better focus and maintain their grades more easily. It is unrealistic to expect teenagers to be able to be up so early in the morning and still have the ability to function and concentrate as if they were well-rested and prepared for learning.

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