Opinion: Take A Knee

The idea of systematic racism in America is often ignored. As of the past 7 years, we’ve heard of protest following the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, […]

Put Away Your Cell Phone For Pocket Points

PSA, PSA.!! Pocket points are taking over phones, people are spreading the word like a virus, free foooooddddd.!!! Free Food? FREE FOOOOD!! Is usually all the kids can hear because who doesn’t want to save their hard working or their parents hard working money to get the best kinds of […]

Police Shootings

  Yes, there has been a lot of shootings that involve the police, some documented and some not, but you’d be surprised that the main race showed on media isn’t supposed to be  the main race being terminated.

Open Campus Lunch Should Be Extended to Sophomores

Sophomores should all receive open campus lunch. Study halls are mostly abused by students and very little studying is actually done. With the irrelevancy of a study hall to most, administration needs to reconsider granting open campus lunch to sophomores. Obviously, guidelines would still need to be set to ensure […]