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The Impeachment of President Trump

It has now been over a month since Democrats have introduced their impeachment inquiry, and they show no signs of slowing down. The House Rules committee voted yesterday to formalize the impeachment inquiry procedures. Today, the House voted on the resolution, and it passed. Beyond that, public hearings could start as soon as mid-November. 

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ratings Of Lunch restaurants

During sixth hour lunch, juniors and seniors have 50 minutes on most weekdays to eat lunch at a location of their choosing.  Some students will stay at school while others will go home. However the highlight of open lunch is being able to order food from one of many great restaurants nearby.  When getting food, students are looking for a meal that is cheap yet filling, and something that’s fast yet well made. There are also many people that do not have cars, and are limited to the restaurants that are within a reasonable walking distance. 

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Should Finals Be Mandatory?

I believe that finals should be optional. Image you are a straight-A student who hasn’t gotten lower than a 90 on any major grade yet this semester. You do your assignments right when they are given, and understand all of the concepts that you are taught. You just completed an extra credit assignment that will bring your 98.9% to a 100%. You hear about the packet final that is going to be sitting on your desk during finals week and you instantly get nervous. You fear that your hard earned “A” being lowered to a “B” or even worse, a “C”. You know there is a lot riding on this test, and you are willing to study, but you just find it unfair to risk all of your semester’s hard work on one test.

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Opinion: Take A Knee

The idea of systematic racism in America is often ignored. As of the past 7 years, we’ve heard of protest following the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, not to mention all the unnamed. There are websites dedicated to mapping police brutality and its concealed rise in America. We’ve all seen protests, whether violent, peaceful, or subtle. The most controversial as of late has been the idea of taking a knee during the national anthem, popularized by former quarterback Colin Kaepernick. We asked Centennial students their thoughts of kneeling, and their participation.

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