Centennial Girls Soccer 2015

Centennial girls soccer team is is having a pretty good season; compared to last year they have improved tremendously. Only winning a couple of games last year, the Chargers had a tough season. The girls soccer team got a new coach, Jim Meisen. The girls record is 3-2-2, losing to […]

How old is too old to trick or treat?

Trick or treating is done by many on Halloween night. An old tradition passed down through the generations, but I ask you this how old is too old to trick or treat? Well here’s what some Centennial students had to say on the matter “I think once people hit a […]

The Divergence of Divergent

In the world of literature, apocalyptic dystopia is no walk in the park for anyone involved; but in the future world of Divergent, it’s particularly harsh on teens. “Divergent” is the latest in a string of young adult books to produce a movie franchise.  At the heart of Veronica Roth’s […]

Appreciate a Real Holiday Experience

Holidays lie. In all the books, commercials and movies, the holidays are depicted very idealistically. Holidays are always presented as perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, magical moments—whether it be the type with the perfect family of four who eat cookies and never stop grinning (even in their sleep), and whose biggest dilemma is […]

Quick Tips for College Applications

 With the early application deadline November 1 coming up shortly, seniors applying to colleges are becoming more frantic as the date draws nearer. Ensuring ACT or SAT scores are turned in on time, getting transcripts sent to respective colleges, and adding final touches to application essays, these last few days […]