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Open Campus Lunch Should Be Extended to Sophomores

Sophomores should all receive open campus lunch. Study halls are mostly abused by students and very little studying is actually done. With the irrelevancy of a study hall to most, administration needs to reconsider granting open campus lunch to sophomores. Obviously, guidelines would still need to be set to ensure the students don’t get a ‘free ride’ to skip school.

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Centennial Girls Soccer 2015

Centennial girls soccer team is is having a pretty good season; compared to last year they have improved tremendously. Only winning a couple of games last year, the Chargers had a tough season. The girls soccer team got a new coach, Jim Meisen. The girls record is 3-2-2, losing to Peoria Notre Dame and Mahomet, winning against Peoria Manual, Uni High and Urbana.   Tying with Central and Charleston high school.
Despite the score, game against Central High School was amazing. Both teams came ready to play. The Central Maroons are ranked number one in the area, while Centennial Chargers aren’t. Pulling a tie against them was amazing, Shows how good our team is and how much better they can become.

Being the captain of the team, I can’t wait to see what happens throughout the season.

How old is too old to trick or treat?

Trick or treating is done by many on Halloween night. An old tradition passed down through the generations, but I ask you this how old is too old to trick or treat?

Well here’s what some Centennial students had to say on the matter

“I think once people hit a certain age then they would be considered as a little too old to go trick or treating. Like, it would be weird seeing a grown up going from door to door asking for candy. They could if they wanted to, but others might not think highly of it. We usually see little kids with their parents going trick or treating not full grown adults.” – Kristin Lopez

“It should be a point where the person should decide to receive or give candy away” -Eliot Gallardo

“12 because you don’t have much homework or responsibilities. So you have time to do the things you want like trick or treat” –Glenn Nicko Concepcion

In my own opinion I believe 14 is a good age to stop when you’re transitioning from a middle school kid into your later teen years in high school, but that’s just my opinion. So what do you think? Do you agree with some of Centennials finest? Or do you have a different opinion? Drop a comment below and let us know.

The Divergence of Divergent

In the world of literature, apocalyptic dystopia is no walk in the park for anyone involved; but in the future world of Divergent, it’s particularly harsh on teens. “Divergent” is the latest in a string of young adult books to produce a movie franchise.  At the heart of Veronica Roth’s YA bestseller is a provocative existential dilemma involving adolescence and identity: At the age of 16, everyone must choose which of society’s stringently defined sections they’ll join. That could mean staying on home turf or leaving loyalty to blood far behind, and it’s an irreversible decision. Beatrice veers from her inherent faction and chooses the Dauntless, brave warriors who protect society. Chaos ensues. In an era when kids are constantly pressured to launch a career against their liking, it’s an idea with particular resonance.

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Appreciate a Real Holiday Experience

Holidays lie. In all the books, commercials and movies, the holidays are depicted very idealistically. Holidays are always presented as perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, magical moments—whether it be the type with the perfect family of four who eat cookies and never stop grinning (even in their sleep), and whose biggest dilemma is where the angel on the top of the tree went; or whether it be the type to include a wild adventure or fatal happening, and then the heart warmth of it all is how they manage to have a nice holiday despite their ludicrous (or dismal) surroundings. In either situation, there are those “magical moments” that leave upon any observant (whether it was the creator’s intention or not­) the impression that “this is how the holidays are quite normally spent.” Those images create a type of expectation for real life to be this way. Supposedly, these standards are sometimes met, but in a normal life, it is usually unusual for holidays like these to exist. More often, it is the individual peculiarities of each celebration that make the holidays worth it.

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