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Centennial’s Volleyball Team Joins in Prayer

Champaign Centennial volleyball is a name that seems to have a lot of people talking this year. One reason may be that they have nine returning seniors, most of which have plans to continue playing after high school. This talented team has beaten some of the best teams in the nation, including Wheaton St. Francis, the number one team in Illinois, along with both the Kentucky state champions, and the Arkansas state champions. There’s no doubt about it–this team is talented. Centennial is even the favorite pick in the Class 3A. They’ve created a name for themselves this year and they definitely have people all across the state talking about them. However, there may be another reason for all the buzz.

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Parkland, Centennial Offer Dual Credit Courses

By Megan Wolter & Chelsea Cross

Do you want to earn college credit while also earning high school credit?  Then you should look into the dual credit options at Centennial that allow students to get college credit at Parkland.  Dual credit courses are often taught by either high school or college faculty. The location of the classes can vary, some being at the high school, others at the college or university or sometimes through online courses.  Taking these courses can be to a student’s advantage because colleges may look favorably upon those in dual credit courses when considering students for admission or advanced academic standing.  Universities specifically look at the dual credit course and grade; completion of the course is often an indication of a high school student’s motivation and academic interest in college. Continue reading Parkland, Centennial Offer Dual Credit Courses

9-11: A Day to Remember

Tuesday September 11, 2001: A day we as Americans will never forget. Exactly eleven years ago today terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  I remember sitting in my first grade class feeling very confused and naïve to the situation.  The events were explained in a manner that was suitable for our six year old ears. As a school we went outside and lowered our American flag and back in the classroom took a moment of silence in respect. At home I remember my parents letting me watch the news and seeing the Twin Towers in flames and crumble to the ground. I remember feeling sad and completely unaware that something so devastating could happen in the United States of America. As I talked to people before writing the article I found it interesting that just about everyone remembers exactly where they were, what they were doing and how they felt when they became aware about the attacks. Continue reading 9-11: A Day to Remember

Teachers Deserve Thanks

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

The classes and teachers one has in high school play a fundamental role in the success and happiness of the student. An enjoyable and beneficial class will influence the student to work hard and do his or her best, and a good teacher will be there to encourage the student to achieve the highest possible level of accomplishment. Most students can say they have had a fair share of both good and not-so-great courses and teachers, but a few Centennial students shared with The Centinal the classes and teachers they chose to be their favorite. Continue reading Teachers Deserve Thanks

Book Review: Impulse

By Megan Wolter – Opinions Eidtor

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

What does it take for someone to want to and follow through with committing suicide?  Being bullied in school, sexually abused as a child, striving for perfection and falling short?  In Ellen Hopkins’s book, Impulse, the sometimes taboo topic of teenagers committing suicide is talked about.  The novel follows the stories of Conner, Vanessa and Tony: three teens that tried to kill themselves, failed and ended up at Aspen Springs, a place where they are supposed to work through all of their problems.  The question now is: will they succeed in getting better or will they just fall back into their old ways? Continue reading Book Review: Impulse


By: Connor Metcalf

There has been a disease going around at Centennial lately. One that messes with a person’s mind so horribly, and is spreading around Centennial High School like a virus is a walking dead movie. Students become zombies, going through the motions of every day. Depressed looks and urge to escape like someone nearing the end of their stay in prison. Symptoms include; shortening of attention span, frequent pains causing you to groan really loudly, anger, and in some cases unintentionally becoming more introverted. This is called senioritis, and it is taking its toll on the class of 2012 this quarter as we come closer and closer to walking the stage and being done with high school. It seems that every week less and less students are motivated to do any work at all. Even writing this article is becoming a chore as I push back writing it every single night. It is a psychological disease that eventually everyone has to deal with and here are some ways to tell if senioritis has fully hit you or someone you care for. Continue reading Senioritis

The Best of 2011

By:  Abrar Al-Heeti -Staff Writer

Every year brings with it an array of memories, experiences and interests. As we head into a new year, Centennial students look back on what stood out to them in 2011.

Students were asked what their favorite movies, music, television shows, celebrity weddings and news stories of 2011 were. Senior Pamela Paet picks Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 as her favorite movie, and her choice for best music is Foster the People. When asked about her favorite TV show, she replied, “SpongeBob forever”.  The news story that made the greatest impression on her was former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi‘s death. Continue reading The Best of 2011

SOPA Makes Big Waves

By Hannah Ritchey – Editor-In-Chief

If you tried to access this site January 18, 2012 then you know that all you could see were a lot of black lines. This was due to the “blackout” that WordPress and other sites such as TwitPic (a portal used to upload pictures to Twitter) and Wikipedia (an online encyclopedia) participated in. This blackout was an online strike protesting the proposed bills SOPA and PIPA. Continue reading SOPA Makes Big Waves

Video Game Review: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham Asylum & NBA 2K12

By Omar Sharif – Staff Writer

Skyrim- Lets start off with the game that won “Game of The Year”. I’ve explored the highest mountains and the deepest dungeons. I’ve killed hundreds of wolves, bandits and zombies, and been attacked by bears, trolls and giants. I’ve helped out lovelorn suitors, ghosts and a talking dog, and foiled the evil plots of vampires, evil mages and demon gods. After playing for longer than 75 hours of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface. I still have plenty of quests to conquer, all while I fulfill my other duties and obligations. Skyrim has taken over my life. But hey, at least it’s a good life. This role-playing game allows you choose your career unlike most other games in its category. In Skyrim, one will find tiny details and unexpected rewards. Once one enters into the game, they won’t want to leave; it feels lived in. Continue reading Video Game Review: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham Asylum & NBA 2K12

Gender Equality Still Up for Debate

By Faith Middleton – Staff Writer

Girls are told from a young age that they can do anything boys can do. But can they? Are females and males afforded equal opportunities at home, school and work?

In the roots of society, women usually had few rights. Literature from Greek culture portrays powerful women as a threat to society. However, the world has made progress in gender equality since then. There are women on every level of authority: every level but one. Continue reading Gender Equality Still Up for Debate