Charger Fans Motivate the Football Team

     Centennial Chargers football is something we all know and love. Centennial football has always been a favorite for Centennial students. This year the Chargers are looking to be a really good team and a team that has success. In order to do that however, there going to need  tons of support from fans and all that are involved with Centennial.

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Volleyball Team Will Have a Great Year

The Centennial volleyball team’s biggest goal is to beat their biggest opponent is central and they plan on taking the W when they play their opponent.  

Sophomore player, Zhanae Flintroy said “We started practicing over the summer” The team had a summer camp and open gym so that players could get ready for tryouts.

Lia Potter and Angela Maligaya are the co-captains of the JV volleyball team and it is important to them because its helps them make new friends and they really like team bonding.

I believe that the girls are to have a wonderful season this year and I wish them the best of luck #GoChargers

Anti-Bullying Club #LiveLikeLuke

In memory of Luke. Last year around spring the anti-bullying club was started because Luke Miller who had experienced bullying passed away. This club is sponsored by Centennial Archery Coach Lenz who is now working in the library. The club was started by Centennial seniors who were tired of bullying being a problem in our society: Haylie Denzer, Dylan Chambers, and Lexi Alves.

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Centennial Girl’s Swimming

Swimming is a full body workout that you can either do recreationally at a public pool, or competitively with high school or year-round team. Centennial High School is home to two time sectional champions: the girl’s swim team. The group of eleven girls meet nine times over the course of the week to either lift weights or swim at the school’s pool, which they have to also share with Central.

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Centennial’s Soccer Team

This year’s Varsity soccer team and Junior Varsity teams are looking really good . Jv is coached by Nick Cooks and  Varsity is coached by Jim Meissen. The Varsity soccer team is 2A. Jim Meissen (Varsity coach) said “We have lots of depth this year in all positions” . This helps the team because this gives more people the opportunity to play and helps the people that was on the field get off and get a quick brake.

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