Cross Dressing Movies Need To Stop

By: Connor Metcalf

Last month, Hollywood released the movie Jack and Jill, and Adam Sandler fans everywhere rioted in the streets, realizing the man who once brought us comedy classics like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore is now wearing a dress on the big screen. “I want to watch Adam Sandler beat up Bob Barker, not wearing an oversized bra,” says Centennial Senior Jay Romans. I agree with Romans, Sandler is past his prime and should have stopped making movies a long time ago. He’s the Brett Favre of comedy movies. Having said that, I have not seen Jack and Jill, and I do not plan on seeing it, because I am an unpaid high school student newspaper writer, so you can’t make me. Continue reading Cross Dressing Movies Need To Stop

Basketball at its Best

By:  Alex Wallner Sports Editor

With the season progressing forward, both the girl and boy basketball teams at Centennial are making great strides in their very young season.  The boys, who came off a victory against Mattoon High School on December 9th, are looking to rebound from a very slow start.  Finishing second to last in the annual Lincoln Holiday Tournament, the Chargers will look to regain their form against conference foe, Urbana on December 16th, a non conference game against Thornton Township High School on December 17th and the also annual, State Farm Classic, which begins on December 27th and runs through December 30th.  The games will be held at the Illinois Wesleyan Shirk Center at 6:00, with the Chargers playing the Mesa, AZ Jackrabbits.  December is a crucial month for the Chargers, testing to see how they can do against other schools out of conference and those that the team might have to face come playoff time. Continue reading Basketball at its Best

Resolve to Keep Your Resolutions!

By Lexi Zahrn – Staff Writer

With the holidays less than a week away and the question of snow in the chilly air, it is clear that the calendar year is coming to a close. With that in mind it is time to reflect on the past year and partake in the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. This tradition dates back to 153 B.C.E and a minor Roman god known as Janus. The month of January gets its name from this two-faced god. His image was often placed at the beginning of a calendar because with one face he could look at the past, and with the other: the future.  Thought often seen tricking unlucky demigods throughout mythology, this god was actually the patron of foresight. Continue reading Resolve to Keep Your Resolutions!

The Perfect Gift Different for Everyone

By: Will James  Staff Writer

Birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays make December the ideal month for gift giving. Every person has that special gift that they receive in their lifetime that is hard to forget. Here some Centennial students and faculty members try to recall some of the most memorable gifts they had ever received.

Mason W: Red Bike at 8

Nick B: Shaw Shank redemption poster Continue reading The Perfect Gift Different for Everyone

Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue

By Abrar Al-Heeti – Staff Writer

With every passing day, the Occupy Wall Street movement is growing in strength, receiving more attention from those who support and oppose it alike. In a struggle to have their voices heard, protesters have been demonstrating against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, corruption and the influence corporations have on government. Continue reading Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue

Girl’s Athlete of the Month (December): Stacia Simmons (Girls Basketball)

By:  Chantal Meacham Staff Writer

Athlete of the Month – December

Stacia Simmons (Girls Basketball)

Stacia is a junior guard on the undefeated girls basketball team.  They are 10-0 and won the Blue Star Country Classic at the beginning of their season.  Stacia made the News Gazette’s All-Area First Team during the 2010-2011 season.  When she graduates, she hopes to play basketball in college somewhere close to home. Continue reading Girl’s Athlete of the Month (December): Stacia Simmons (Girls Basketball)

Gender Equality Still Up for Debate

By Faith Middleton – Staff Writer

Girls are told from a young age that they can do anything boys can do. But can they? Are females and males afforded equal opportunities at home, school and work?

In the roots of society, women usually had few rights. Literature from Greek culture portrays powerful women as a threat to society. However, the world has made progress in gender equality since then. There are women on every level of authority: every level but one. Continue reading Gender Equality Still Up for Debate