10 Year-Old’s Death Stuns All

By Roni Adar – News Editor

Bullying is the act of intentionally hurting someone, whether it be physically or emotionally. Bullying hurts people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Almost everyone has experienced it at least once. However, for Ashlynn Conner, bullying cost her her life.

Ashlynn Conner was a classic 10-year-old midwestern gal. She was on her school honor roll, a cheerleader, and an aspiring veterinarian.

Ashlynn had been teased at her school for two years. Classmates made fun of her haircut; they would call her “pretty boy.” She decided to grow her hair back out but even then, the taunting would not stop. Continue reading 10 Year-Old’s Death Stuns All

K-pop Finds a Champaign Audience

By Faith Middleton

Champaign-Urbana is, without a doubt, a college town. With the popular University comes the wide-spread diversity of cultures, languages, ethnic groups and tastes. One such taste is the genre of “K-pop”, or Korean pop music.

Korean pop is deeply rooted in electropop, hip-hop and R&B. The most frequently used instruments are vocals, drums, drum pads, electric bass, keyboards, pianos, and synthesizers. Continue reading K-pop Finds a Champaign Audience

Adding an Extra Hour to the School Day

By Andrew Warner  Staff Writer

We’ve all experienced those days that seem to drag on forever, and by last hour, all of our time is focused on the clock counting down the minutes until we are released. Its days like those where all you want to do is be home and on the couch watching TV. Well imagine taking away an extra hour or so from your relaxation time, and piling on more work. The thought of that is awful to not only the students, but teachers as well. This is precisely why the proposition of extending our school day makes close to no sense. Boredom is not the only factor that plays into this either. Money, productivity and the correlation of the two are even bigger factors that need to be considered. Continue reading Adding an Extra Hour to the School Day